On a Strange Planet Where Sewage Creatures Battle, Citizen Pink Rises


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Blast Off, citizen pink

Mister Pink’s ship lay broken in the scorching alien sun. If he couldn’t find shelter in his Pink Prospector SUV before it lost power, he’d be finished. He issued a voice command, ’Scan area for life.” The PPSUV jumped into action beneath him as he checked its readouts.

When he’d observed this planet from orbit, it had looked like home; Planet #WX617 in the Leuka galactic region. But so far he’d seen none of the Pink society he’d grown up in.
All he’d found was a disappointment.

He’d almost given up when suddenly – something new.
“Life detected, 50 meters below surface level”.

The reward is underground.

He ordered the PPSUV to tunnel down. Slowly they descended, until breaking through the roof of… sewers? He dropped hard onto the floor of a huge hall.

Mister Pink stepped out of the Prospector – dumbfounded at what was around him.

The hall was packed full of people just like him. Except – very different. They were the same shape but, not just pink - but of every color? Clearly, he’d crashed a celebration – he could make out banners hanging above the stages –‘1000 years of Unity’ and ‘Praise The Uprising’

Mister Pink’s World was about to get a lot more colorful !!!

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Road Map

Citizen Pink Community Progress
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01 level

United We Stand!

Citizen Pink NFT Public Mint - 10,000 Unique NFTs Available Launch Date: TBA

The 10,000 Citizens of #WX617 have to stay United and Strong in their struggle against the vile sewage creatures lurking in the shadows. The scorching sun makes the surface of the planet inhabitable, so staying underground is the only chance for survival of your people.

Ensure their safety by providing them shelter within the Level 1 of the labyrinthian sewer system!

02 level

Deeper into the Sewers

The hunt for the Tesseracts begins - A Limited Free Mint for owners of 3 or more Citizen Pink NFTs Launch Date: TBA

An expedition has been launched deeper into the sewers in a quest for a fabled artifact that could aid the Citizens in their fight against the sewage creatures. As the expedition was about to head back into their shelter empty-handed, they suddenly stumbled upon a mysterious Tesseract.

When one of the citizens decided to touch the hypercube, it evaporated into a million particles. After inhaling them, all members of the expedition felt something change within the very structure of their DNA and experienced a vision of an arcane Vault hidden deep within the 3rd level of the sewers, accessible only by the ones “Enlightened” by a Tesseract.

Once news of the Vault reached the rest of the Citizens, they immediately launched a series of brave expeditions, all competing in the hunt for the remaining Tesseracts. Is this the chance of salvation for the people of #WX617? Or could this be the beginning of the end of Unity?

03 level

The Vault Opens

The Vault opens to the owners of Enlightened Citizens Launch Date: TBA

Use your Tesseract NFT to permanently Enlighten your Citizens, giving them access to the arcane Vault, but burning the Tesseract NFT in the process.

The Citizens know that the Vault is hidden somewhere in the darkest depths of the 3rd Level of the Sewers, but where exactly... and what lies within it? Could it be a weapon that will destroy all the sewage creatures? Riches beyond your wildest imagination? Or maybe an underground paradise, that will provide a safe haven to all the Enlightened Citizens, but deny salvation to all the less fortunate people of #WX617?

Once the Vault is located, all questions will be answered. As for now, nobody knows what’s in the Vault, but one thing is for sure - nothing will stay the same once it’s opened!

Citizen Pink FAQ

We have brought together 10,000 sensational Citizens, meticulously hand-crafted using an AI-generated (and human-curated!) design database full of incredible traits! They feature a remarkable range of styles including Zombie, Vampire, MMA and many more!

With any value-packed store of mutatable traits comes great opportunity for unseen rarity to reveal itself - and the Citizen Pinks contain just such strange, unexpected, tantalizing and unconventional rares! These remarkable Citizens have been forecast to drop!

Citizen Rare 1
Citizen Rare 2
Citizen Rare 3
Citizen Rare 4
Citizen Rare 5
Citizen Rare 6

Of course, you not only gain the full commercial rights to your Citizen - to use however you see fit - but you will also be immediately inducted into our astonishing community! We’re operating a legitimately inclusive and incredibly friendly environment to connect with like-minded and objectively awesome members like yourself!

Things are moving forward right now! It’s essential you join our Discord server for immediate updates, and follow our Twitter as we develop closer to Launch date! Don’t make the rookie mistake of being out of the loop - get signed up now and secure your chance!

Presale begins: TBA
Public Launch scheduled: TBA

There will only be 10,000 Citizen Pinks minted! After they’re out in the wild, no more can be created - so satisfy your curiosity as early as possible! In each Citizen lies an exciting and instantly unique part of history, which you will shortly have an irresistible chance to own!

0.07 ETH

(This is subject to change)

Presale: 3 per whitelisted wallet address
Public sale: 5 per transaction

24 Hours Post-Launch